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Search Engine Optimization, Marketing & Promotion

Search Engine Optimization,  Marketing & Promotion (SEOMP), Professional Search Engine Optimization, Marketing & Promotion Company offering Marketing Solutions to Websites world-over. Originally a  Seattle based firm has got its network across Canada and now India.

Besides SEO, SEM, Marketing & Promotion Solutions we offer website design and development, portal development, e-commerce development and merchant account integration, business application development, logo designing, web hosting, domain name registration services.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

WWW is changing everyday, and everyday thousands are websites are added to it - only the best will survive and grow. More than 80% of traffic to your site is served through Search Engines, means if you are not on Top Search Results you don't exist at all. Don't compromise on the 'Most Important' part of Web Development - Search Engine Optimization. Employ the 'Best SEO Experts', choose the package that suits you, reach the Top.


Pay Per Click - PPC Management

Pay Per Click ServiceNeed instant traffic to your site ?

Have tried lots of effort but can't break through to ranking for your main keywords ? Then you should try paid advertising service or Pay Per Click Service for major search engines. It's the best way to get targeted visitors for your site. If you believe that your site has perfect contents for the keyword set you are targeting then go for it.  Don't let your money go waste in 'Click Fraud'; Take help from our PPC Expertise and see the results with our detailed report system.


Social Media Marketing

One essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is social marketing. In simple terms, social marketing is an approach that makes use of Social Networking Sites to Market your Website.In addition to having an excellent business website, promoting a positive profile across the social media is important in successful online marketing. Twitter, Yahoo Groups, Facebook and other online communities are rapidly expanding. Statistics show that the number of online blogs is fast approaching the 500 million mark. Many of these bloggers host discussions of products and services that they have purchased. Surveys show that approximately one third or all blogs discuss commercial products. A similar percentage of surfers surveyed said that they thought more highly of companies that had their own business blogs.


Link Building

Link Building Management ServiceYour navigational hierarchy plays a key role in passing link gain, deep into your website. Pages too far down your website tree won't get enough attention to warrant high rankings.

It is important to optimize your website linking structure by creating a rich web of interlinking within your website. Whenever it is appropriate, we will include links to related products, related articles, related searches, etc. In doing so, we ensure the anchor text is optimal and visible enough to both the user and the search engines.