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Pay Per Click - PPC Management

Pay Per Click ServiceNeed instant traffic to your site ?

Have tried lots of effort but can't break through to ranking for your main keywords ? Then you should try paid advertising service or Pay Per Click Service for major search engines. It's the best way to get targeted visitors for your site. If you believe that your site has perfect contents for the keyword set you are targeting then go for it.  Don't let your money go waste in 'Click Fraud'; Take help from our PPC Expertise and see the results with our detailed report system.

Pay Per Click Management :

We have just one plan for PPC services unlike other companies. This plan is ideal for any type of web site owners. Features of the service are below:

  • Keyword Optimization: Up to 50 keywords. You should avoid putting hundreds of keyword in your campaign to avoid bad click in your campaign. So we believe 50 keywords is enough for any website who is promoting a product / service through PPC.
  • Guarantee #1 page in Google, Yahoo: You should concentrate on these two search engines as these search engines will bring you business and will give you return of your money.
  • Click fraud ip protection.
  • Setting up Google analytics and conversion codes to analyze success ration / conversion ration of the campaign.
  • Attractive advertisement writing service is included absolutely free of cost. Attractive and effectively written ads bring more visitors. More visitors means more sales, more conversions.
  • Campaign optimization for local business as well as global reach.
  • Competition analysis and approx campaign cost estimation. You can limit your campaign cost though for any month. If you set that you want to spend $200 per week then you won't be charge more than that for that week. You can change your budget at any time of the campaign.
  • Most important you'll get guaranteed monthly visitors.
  • Weekly, bi weekly and monthly report.

All these services for just $ 250/ month per site. Plus one time setup cost: $60.

Contact us to help one our executives to setup campaign for your site.

Note: Apart from the fee written above search engines will charge you separately for each click generated from the campaign. If you have budget of $300 per month for the service then $99 will be deducted towards our service and $201 will be used by search engines towards click generation for your site.


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