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We believe in the power of productive processes and this experience is a result of an entire process of business, creative and technical understanding.

Search engine rankings process & search engine optimization strategies that we follow at Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Professionals, Seattle based SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros Search Engine Optimization Approach
An organization's web site can be more than just another communication vehicle - it is a window to the world that lets you interact, transact, build brands, test products. Users don't come online merely to read listen, buy or chat - what draws them online is the quality of the experience.

Even so, the true potential of the Web is only emerging - it is the ability to combine rich content and design with intelligent applications. We believe in the power of productive processes and this experience is a result of an entire process of business, creative and technical understanding.

Process we follow to search engine optimize a website:

Keyword Research & web site Analysis
Our qualified SEO Expert will analyze your company's website and the nature of your business. Examining all site links, and mapping out the changes that will improve both search engine and customer navigation. Ensuring that links to all the pages in your entire site are available one link away from your home page. Script analysis - ways to keep the functionality of your site while improving your search engine ranking.

Utilizing proprietary competition and traffic analysis tools, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros will identify the most relevant keywords and phrases for use in promoting your website. This is one of the most important components of a successful optimization, and surprisingly, it is here that most would-be "search engine experts" fall short. We have an extremely rigorous keyword research process that allows us to identify real keywords and phrases that web users search for to find companies like yours.

Title & Meta tags
The Title, Keywords, and Description tags of your site mean a lot to search engines. We optimize these components for your site based on current search engine trends. We recommend new Title, Keyword, and Description tags, and suggest other measures to make your pages more search-engine friendly

Optimizing your pages

To optimize and increase the number of effective visitors to your site, we optimize most of your pages for your keywords/phrases. We follow content focus search engine optimization, by which we only optimize your site by adding search engine friendly - keyword rich content. Pages are specifically optimized according to the different themes that are featured on your site.

For Dynamic Content Web sites

As innovative as the search engines are, many still have problems crawling and indexing dynamic, frame, and JavaScript pages. Almost all search engines will reject dynamically generated pages with URL's that contain a "?", "%" or other similar characters. Fancy pages designed in frames or with JavaScript also get in the way of the spiders. JavaScript at the top of your page, for example, pushes relevant, keyword-rich content further down the page and therefore negatively impacts your search engine ranking. Programmers who design fancy pages produce aesthetically pleasing results, but unfortunately have no regard for the search engine crawlability of the page.

To over come these difficulties we design custom pages. Our SEO technicians will create custom set of pages, which are engineered with mathematical precision to allow your website to communicate with the major search engines. However, we do not alter or modify your website's design or functionality in any way. These pages are hosted on your site and connected to all the main sections of your site.

Directory Placement

Having your website listed in the major Internet search directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ etc. increases the probability that your website will rank highly. Since other major search engines look at directory listings to measure your website's credibility, it is absolutely crucial that your website is indexed. However, an improper website description or irrelevant category placement can compromise the effectiveness of this critical strategy. To ensure that your directory listing is made properly the first time, we will complete the entire directory listing application on your behalf. Let our experience work for you. Wait to submit to directories such as Yahoo until you have retained our firm for a full-scale optimization.

Hand Submission

We submit your website to the major search engines by hand, and we continue to re-submit your optimized pages with the utmost frequency allowed by each individual search engine. Other SEO firms will use automated software programs to submit your website, but these programs are often counter-productive, because the major search engines can detect mechanical submissions. In many cases your website's positioning may actually be penalized for utilizing automatic software submission. Search engines may perceive this as SPAM. Hand submissions are the only way to ensure that the submission process is executed properly. Also we submit your site to your industry related and regional search engines and directories

Fee-based Submissions

Although most search engines will index your website at no charge, many of them offer premium submission options that include frequent re-indexing, and guaranteed entry. Most notables are Inktomi & AltaVista. In exchange for a nominal fee, these engines offer expedited entry into their indexes and when combined with our refined custom-built communication pages, we can guarantee your website's visibility.

Link Popularity Networking

As search engines become more intelligent, they are beginning to focus on many new ranking criteria. Link popularity means that the more external links that are made to your website, the more popular your website is perceived to be, and thus the higher it will rank. Link Popularity constitutes approximately 50% of Google's ranking algorithm. We have developed a proprietary method for enhancing your relevant link popularity, in order to allow your website to comply with the ranking criteria of the future.

Maintenance & Placement Tracking

A successful search engine optimization includes results with longevity. In order to maintain top positions, frequent submissions are absolutely necessary for most businesses. Additionally, search engine algorithms change, and in order for your website to comply with the latest ranking criteria, it is necessary to maintenance your optimized files with updates and finely tuned modifications.

Periodically you will receive a full ranking report that shows your website's position in all of the major search engines and for each keyword and phrase that we have identified. These detailed reports provide you with the information necessary to gauge your website's visibility and progress throughout the optimization process.

Why we are different
-We don't do anything without proper research and strategy - we have a very human approach to search engine optimization.
-We study our client's market and do proper competitors research.
-We don't do any cloaking; we follow content focus web site optimization process.
-We don't spam the search engines by keyword stuffing, over submitting, hidding text, submit numerous web pages created specifically for the search engines and not for viewers.
-We don't use any automated submission software, we believe in careful control or our submission process and follow all the rules & regulations set by the individual search engine and directories.


From research and development to reporting and analysis, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros search engine optimization program provides clients with a full range of reports and deliverables.
Activation Deliverables

Website analysis & Search engine compatibility report

Web site analysis & search engine compatibility review of your current website. During this review, we will present our findings and recommendations for enhancements, as needed, to ensure the best search engine optimization possible.

Keyword and search engine list

Our research and with your input, we will create a list of keywords that will be the basis for your search engine optimization campaign. This report will provide keywords with their analysis for your approval. A list of targeted search engines will also be determined at this time.

Search engine optimization process plan

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros will create a list of tasks according to your search engine marketing goals and objectives. A detail report will be provided with specific time periods for each tasks involved in the campaign.

Submission reports
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros will provide detail submission report for your site. For any paid submission, ticket no.s, copy of invoice and screens captures will be provided.

Monthly Deliverables
Search engine ranking report with targeted Keyword Performance will be provided. Monthly search engine position reports for you to review how your company is ranked on major search engines. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros will monitor your search engine listings every month, and resubmit the site to search engines when necessary and reports will be send accordingly.