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First things First, Website Design with SEO

These days, it’s imperative to put your best digital foot forward by maintaining a positive online image. If you haven’t thought about it before, perhaps it’s time to take a hard (honest) look at how you’re managing your online reputation. After all this is about your corporate identity, your company image and your business.

First things first, when you think about designing your business website you cannot experiment. you cannot find a cheap web development company and put your company at stake. You cannot rely on inexperienced hands to earn you customers. You cannot afford to make your website and wait for a chance of getting high search engine place listings.

Your website should be optimized from grass-root level, from code zero. We make sure that your website is designed optimized from scratch.

According to the 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker survey, 87 percent of consumers said positive online reviews reinforced their decision to purchase a recommended product or service. The 2010 Microsoft Cross-Tab survey found similar results, with 85 percent of recruiters and human resources professionals saying that a positive online reputation influences decision-making in the workforce.

With something as important as online reputation management, where do you begin? After all, just one unflattering Instagram or Facebook photo, and you may not get a call for that interview. And just one bad review or negative news article can mean the loss of thousands of dollars (and customers) for your company.

You fall back on Google and other search engine positive listings and only Organic listings. This is where SEO comes into play and this is where SEOMP helps!

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